Installing Open Media Vault on Raspberry Pi 4 & Fixing WiFi Network Error

Invertedlight/ December 18, 2021/ Uncategorized

Installing Open Media Vault onto a Raspberry Pi 4 often results in loosing your WiFi (wlan0) and Ethernet (eth0) connections. Installing on a WiFi only Pi is definitely challenging. A few modified installation steps will resolve the Pi WiFi connectivity issues.

These are the steps I used to get my Pi4 back on the WiFi network after installing Open Media Vault on top of the installed image.

  • ssh into Pi 4
  • sudo update
  • sudo upgrade -y
  • sudo reboot
  • ssh back into the Pi after a few minutes
  • wget
  • chmod +x install
  • sudo ./install -n #( -n is important)
  • sudo reboot

You should see your Pi 4 back on the WiFi network at the same IP address you started with. I had set a static IP address before starting the OMV install. Using auto assigned DHCP IP address you might get a different IP address on reboot. Use standard LAN / WLAN discovery techniques to find your new Pi 4 IP address.

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