Lake Sakakawea – Coleharbor

The view from Coleharbor is quite spectacular. Walk along the beach and look up at the cliffs you will see strips of coal running in layers. Along the shore one can find fine coal dust to fist size chunks of coal beached among the washed stones.

Swallows, Sea Gulls, and Sparrows make nests in pockets they have hollowed out from the sand stone cliff walls. The birds create a virtual air traffic nightmare flying back and forth carrying their captured insect dinners for the young.

Wave action and water flows have created deep caves, spires, and cat fish noodle holes along the cliff base.

All in all quite a spectacular sight to enjoy and marvel at the geology and nature variety along the cliffs.

Sand Stone spires on the beach
Coal vein in the cliff
Sand Stone spires, caves, rocky shore with coal
Sand Stone cliff nests and cave
Coal chunk
Coal dust washed up on the beach

Garrison Dam & Fish Hatchery – Pick City, North Dakota

Downstream Campground – nice camp but the power was weird. Caused the induction plate to buzz and clocks to run fast. Strange harmonic resonance on the shore power line, plus over / under voltage fluctuations. You’d think being next to the dam power station the electrify would be solid.

Visit to the fish hatchery where there are some interesting aquariums and displays. You can pet a gar fish and visit the growing ponds. The trout try to swim up stream into the water inlet pipe. Built in water tread mill for them.

Trout Movie – Garrison Fish Hatchery, Pick City / Garrison Dam, North Dakota

Richland Reservoir, South of Ft. Pierre South Dakota
Fishing at Richland Reservoir, South of Ft. Pierre South Dakota while boon-docking in the Ft Pierre National Grasslands. Quiet and relaxing place to camp.

Perch, Crappie, Bass, and Cat Fish… tons of small Cat Fish to eat your bait and croak at you to throw them back.