Fix External SSD Mounting error – error 0

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Getting the OSX error “ error 0” when trying to mount a SSD drive is worrisome at best. Don’t panic, there is a relatively easy fix for this when your SSD is removed without proper ejection from the OS. Mine happened when the power went out and my UPS kept bouncing the power up and down due to a diminished backup battery.

I found this solution posted by jkrosado on the Apple forum. “”. It worked without any issues and my 2TB SSD was restored to working condition. Thanks jkrosado for sharing your fix!

Anyways, if your disk happens to be ExFAT, and you remember improperly removing the disk the last time you used it, chances are, fsck is holding it hostage (metaphorically, of course). fsck is trying to repair the disk, but it will stall forever, so you want to launch Disk Utility, and the Terminal. Try to mount the disk, and switch to Terminal and write sudo pkill -f fsck. The disk will mount in read-only mode, and from there, you can repair it with First Aid in Disk Utility. This won’t work for non-ExFat drives, as macOS manages them differently.

by jkrosado –

I’m wondering if all those folks that trashed their Sandisk SSD Pro due to a crash would have been able to recover had they seen the above recovery suggestion.

On my system the Sandisk Pro SSD was not showing up in the Finder. I opened Disk Manager and the SSD drive was it in the left hand pane drive listings. The SSD drive would not mount though, nor would First Aid run for the SSD drive. After trying to mount the SSD the error dialog eventually popped up with the dreaded “ error 0” error code. Guess it took a while before fsck and Disk Manager gave up.

Searching for the error code on-line resulted in several suggestions. Most were off target to the real issue. FSCK was locking the drive due to the improper drive removal / power bouncing of the system. Typing in sudo pkill -f fsck into the terminal resulted in the USB SSD drive immediately mounting. (YAY!!) Running Disk Utility First Aid on the drive resolved the issue after that. The First Aid repair does take a while depending on the size of your SSD Drive. Be patient and let it finish unmolested. It is worth the wait to see all of your files reappear in the finder under the SSD drive.

Hope this helps others find the solution to the “ error 0”.

Happy hacking!

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